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Choosing an agent who is part of The Travel Agent Next Door means you are 100% guaranteed that your professional travel consultant is well travelled as well as educated on a huge number of travel styles, options and experiences.  When an agent chooses to be a part of The Travel Agent Next Door network, they are connected with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and more.  Each travel professional associated with The Travel Agent Next Door is incredibly passionate about travel and providing you with the holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.  Make the right choice and book with us today.

Wilma Suurnakki

Wilma Suurnakki

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I have been working in the Travel Industry for over 36 years.

Most recently with a major travel agency, where for the last 23 years I was one of their top travel professionals, achieving “Millionaire" status every year.

Throughout the years I have travelled the world, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Central & South America, Caribbean, USA and Canada...

Some travel for relaxation from the day to day life, some travel to satisfy their adventurous spirit. But, in the end what everyone wants, is to have a unique travel experience that they will remember for their life. Let me help you make that happen.



Wilma Suurnakki

Wilma Suurnakki

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